Things we are excited about: Blood Bowl

November 15, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Play the Game

By: Kevin Crave

The excitement of Blood Bowl is back! This hard hitting, fast paced miniatures game is getting it’s first box set release since 1994 and i could not be happier about it.

What’s new? Why am I excited? Well, I will tell you!

First is the box itself.


2 teams, 2 boards, 2 sets of dice, lots of fun. 

Inside you get everything you need to play the game. 2 teams, a double-sided board, the rules, and all the dice and counters you need. You can play it right out of the box. Sure you have to assemble the minis, but that’s fun too!

As always Games Workshop makes the best models around. Every model in the box looks great and I look forward to painting them all. You also get counters and special balls to use in the game!


They dedicate all their games to Gork…or it is Mork? They don’t care as long as they can smash faces.

The biggest appeal to me is the game itself. I’ve been playing the game since 2003 and I can honestly say it’s my favorite minis game. You read that right, I like it more than 40k, Warmachine and Warhammer. Why do I love it? What’s not to love about a Football game where you can smash you opponents, dodge around defenders, and humiliate the other team by snatching victory from the jaws of defeat?

The game play is real easy. Every turn, each player on your team can perform an action. Those actions are move, pass, block, or blitz. Get the ball into the end zone to score a point, it’s just that easy. But wait! If you fail to do any of these actions with a player, it’s a turnover and your turn ends right then and there. Oops, did you fall down trying to dodge my Orc? Too bad, it’s my turn now. Did you try to knock down my Stormvermin and fall flat on your face instead? Too bad, it’s my turn now! But just as the gods can punish, they can reward. It will take 4 dodges to get the ball out of the pack of Humans in your way. Pull it off and it’s clear sailing for a touchdown! It’s high risk, high reward in Blood Bowl!

I hear you asking “What about the blood?” Well we’ve got that too. Knock down an opponent and try to break through his armor. Do that and you can injure him. That can range from missing an action to removing him from the game entirely. I’ve seen strategies that rely on killing opposing players to clear the path to victory.


Who doesn’t love these guys? Their opponents, that’s who.

Finally, the last great thing about Blood Bowl is the replay value. The game is designed to be played over the course of a season with many opponents. As you play, the players get better. Now your Thrower hits targets better, your Blitzers hit harder, or your Gutter Runners can leap out of tight spots and sprint for the end zone! I’ve played in several leagues over the years and it’s always rewarding to see your team improve.

The box set hit shelves on November 25th and will cost $99 dollars. It is definitely worth that price and more. There is also a new Skaven box set at launch with a few more teams in the works. I hope you are excited as I am for Blood Bowl!