Results from the 12/10 Magic PPTQ

December 11, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Play the Game

Congrats to Troy Taylor, winner of the December 10th PPTQ! he bested 61 other players to get the RPTQ invite.

Play the Game would like to thank everyone who came out and played. This was our largest PPTQ to date and we hope to see more next time!

We would also like to thank Jason Corrigan for being the best Level 1 Judge we’ve ever had.

Last but certainly not least we would like to thank Rich Bourque for not only running our event, but for all the hard work he has put in over the last 15+ years as a Level 2 Judge. Although we will miss you running our events, we look forward to seeing you actually being able to play in them!

Here’s a look at the winning decklist and the final overall standings:

Troy Taylor – Winner PPTQ Nashville – “GW Stuff”

Main Deck  Sideboard 
4Thraben Inspector1Blossoming Defense
4Thalia's Lieutenant1Declaration in Stone
4Duskwatch Recruiter1Sigarda, Heron's Grace
3Tireless Tracker1Tirelesss Tracker
3Thalia, Heratic Cathar4Servant of the Conduit
4Heron's Grace Champion4Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
2Sigarda, Heron's Grace3Fragmentize
4Smuggler's Copter
2Blossoming Defense
3Declaration in Stone
3Stasis Snare
4Canopy Vista
4Fortified Village
1Westvale Abbey

Final Standings

1Taylor, Troy2360.654865.333358.0419
2Vanfleet, Adam2160.684665.217457.8
3Fischer, Rj1657.029556.666753.0512
4D'Ambrose, Nick1758.98616555.1173
5Adamy, Jason1560.090757.142956.0173
6Cook, Bryant1553.833362.549.3003
7Altieri, Domiano1470.17264.705961.3323
8Snelson, Stephen1365.732864.705955.4612
9Zimmer, Jared1263.32456056.9044
10Rice, Stephen1258.71036051.8529
11Egolf, Michael1257.88161.538550.9232
12Deuel, Dale1251.796366.666749.7058
13Augustine, Zachary1251.849258.823546.8018
14Terino, Joe1249.12766.666748.0708
15Mcintyre, James1247.11116043.1653
16Gressler, Izaiah1248.833358.823544.9891
17Walsh, Robert1247.166761.538542.7778
18Carfagno, Mark Jr1243.46361.538544.2213
19Sutton, Timothy1060.09758.333353.6285
20Larsen, Christopher1054.62748.888949.4712
21Lott, Craig1050.738158.333348.7593
22Kosinski, Aaron959.04765056.1176
23Dunn, Ryan956.425946.666754.2111
24Eaton, J956.611146.666752.0865
25Carfagno, Mark951.849246.666747.0635
26Bode, Steven952.54635053.8477
27Bice, Christopher954.2545045.7648
28Holbrook, Paul951.17946.666745.0235
29Pushard, Leigh949.20375045.9033
30Campanella, Joseph949.80955047.3066
31Sacadura, Jupiter948.77785050.1734
32Mozzetti, Nick94647.058845.2778
33Greenidge, Jamal944.222253.333338.741
34Lee, Jim846.064845.238149.4444
35Brown, Nick841.555654.166738.7211
36White, Tariq749.018545.833349.0858
37Sharrin, Ben666.071445.454557.6191
38Gabriele, Mark657.98944050.3872
39Velzy, Mat652.694445.454551.5284
40Kassis, Eli656.666746.153853.7647
41Desocio, Jon648.222230.769245.0183
42Deshaies, Jacob647.111135.714347.8827
43Desocio, Steven646.370438.461544.3474
44Slater, Nicholas641.044445.454539.851
45White, Travis446.666730.30350.3095
46Fischer, Ida445.83334049.504
47Wight, Bradley351.190545.454549.5536
48Engineri, Paul352.694441.666746.819
49Arnold, Sean35033.333346.5083
50Kobylanski, James349.888942.857144.0404
51Morgan, Michael349.83333042.381
52Landers, Richard345.632328.571447.6656
53Massarini, Benjamin345.083328.571443.7607
54Sheldon, Dakota344.333344.444441.2745
55Parrott, Andrew341.481533.333345.6155
56Hoffmann, Matthew061.111114.285757.1795
57Abdelkarim, Jon049.624314.285748.8889
58Fellows, Gage051.38892048.2102
59Chilbert, Colin05033.333346.0606
60Huffman, Justin0502553.1054
61Cartner, Ben0502050.8403
62Rinaldo, Ross038.66672540.0794