Game Review: Runewars Miniatures Game

May 14, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Play the Game


Check out this sweet box art!

Game: Runewars Miniatures Game
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Genre: Tabletop Minis

Are you a fan of Warhammer Fantasy but don’t want to play Age of Sigmar? Then check out the new Runewars Minis game!

I’ve had time to play a few games and I am enjoying it. The rules are straight forward. If you’eve ever played X-Wing then you have an idea what happens.

Each unit has a set of unique dials that determines their action for the round.

Daqan Infantry dial

The left dial is the action, along with the initiative value (the white number). The right dial is a modifier that adjusts the action. Once the dials are set, players resolve them in initiative order from 1 to 10.

Combat is resolved with dice from the units versus a static defense and health value. Obviously bigger monsters are harder to kill.

Who would have thought being made of rocks makes you tough?

I am just glossing over the rules, but they are easy to pick up and play. It does get a little complex sometimes, however playing a few games will smooth most of it out.

The game play is fast paced overall. I was able to finish games in about an hour to 90 minutes. Although I did get my butt kicked pretty bad last game, i realized my strategy was poorly thought out and I lok forward to my next game.

Like other minis games, you will have assemble and paint the models yourself. The good news is, the models are only a few pieces and fir together nicely with minimal glue. As for painting, that’s up to you and how you want them. I plan on painting mine the standard colors…mainly because i like the look.

I will give the game one downside and it’s only temporary. Since the game is brand new, all we have is what’s in the box. X-Wing had the same issue, but wave 1 and 2 fixed that quickly. Runewars already has a big wave 1 on the way with new models and exclusive cards to expand your army.

I suppose the other downside could be the initial buy in at $100. When you consider how much you get in the box and how expandable it is, it becomes an upside pretty quick.

Overall, it’s a good game. Here are the quick pros and cons:


Quick games

Easy rules

good looking models


Needs more stuff

Initial buy in.

Want more?

Team Covenant posted a video of their demo at GenCon last year, check it out!