Magic Legacy EESS Event
May 25, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
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689 N Clinton St
Syracuse, NY 13210

This weekly event is now part of the Eternal Extravaganza Satellite Series!


Prizes based on record after 4 rounds.

4-0: $72 store credit or 24 booster packs.

3-0-1: $48 store credit of 16 booster packs.

3-1: $24 store credit or 8 booster packs.

Events with 9 or more players will also receive EESS points!

4-0: 6 EESS points

3-0-1: 4 EESS points

3-1: 2 EESS points.

If there are less than 9 players it will be 4 packs per player in the pool instead. No EESS points will be awarded.

Entry: $10

Sign in at the register to enter. Use your Customer Rewards and earn points and coupons!


Legacy is the Cadillac of Magic. The format allows cards from all sets with a banned list. Take on some tough competition and win some great prizes.

If there are 9+ players it will be 4 rounds of swiss.

The top player will be required to either fill out a deck reg sheet or take a picture of their deck to claim EESS points.

If there are less than 9, it will be 3 rounds instead.