Magic Hour of Devastation League
August 8, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
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689 N Clinton St
Syracuse, NY 13210


Prizes awarded at the end of the league.

Winner: 1 booster box of Hour of Devastation.

Second: 18 packs of Hour of Devastation.

Third & Fourth: 9 packs of Hour of Devastation.

Fifth-Eighth: 6 packs of Hour of Devastation.

Store credit may be taken at a rate of $3 credit per pack.

Entry: $25 the first week, $5 each week after.

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Hour of Devastation is out, let’s play a league!

Players will get 6 booster packs on week 1 to build a deck with. Each week players will add another booster pack to their pool. Booster packs and deck sizes vary each week.

Booster Packs:

Week 1: 4x Hour of Devastation., 2x Amonkhet

Weeks 2 & 3: Hour of Devastation.

Week 4: Amonkhet

Weeks 5 & 6: Hour of Devastation.

Week 7: Amonkhet

Weeks 8 & 9: Hour of Devastation.

Week 10: Amonkhet

Deck Sizes:

Weeks 1-5: 40 cards minimum

Weeks 6 & 7: 50 cards minimum.

Weeks 8-10: 60 cards minimum.

All cards will be kept at Play the Game between events to prevent tampering. Cards may be removed from the pool but may not be returned after.