Free RPG Day 2017
June 17, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
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689 N Clinton St
Syracuse, NY 13210


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It’s time once again for Free RPG Day!

Come on in and join the RPG’s run by our volunteers. Game details TBA

Want to run a game? Fill out the Free RPG Day GM Application and email it for approval.

Scheduled Syracuse RPGs

Game: TimeWatch (Game running from 11am to 4pm)

GM: Bob Dushay

Adventure: The Gadget


You are agents of TimeWatch, ensuring history happens as it should. Today’s problem is a woolly mammoth rampaging down the main street of a small American town in the 20th century. Get rid of the mammoth. Find out how it got there and make sure it won’t happen again. Make sure that nobody remembers seeing what they saw. Or didn’t see. That didn’t happen.

Game: Savage World’s Deadlands Reloaded

GM: James Murk

Adventure: Showdown at Spider Gulch


The year is 1879, but the history is not our own. The guns of the Civil War are silent in a tense cease-fire. California is shattered by the Great Quake Quake of ’68, a superfuel called ghost rock revealed in the new channels and cliff faces.

You’re currently traveling by rail to the town of Wyrd, Wyoming to answer a telegram sent to you by Anthony Wells, a retired Captain from the Union Army you once served under. It looks like he’s in a spot of trouble and could use your help once again. Unfortunately it looks like he dealing with a lot worse than Confederate soldiers this time around…

Game: Iron Kingdoms

GM: Brandon Tyler

Adventure: Theft at Black Blood Manor

Details: Something strange is going on at Black Blood Manor. It’s up to you to help solve the mystery!

This adventure will focus more on social aspects of the game, but don’t relax, you can become a victim at any moment!

Game: Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

GM: John Hartung

Adventure: This Tragic World Is Just a Dream.

DetailsArkam, MA, 1930. It had been six months since Mrs. Katie Bentley was found passed out in her bedroom. She claimed to have seen her husband, Charles Bentley, retrieving all their stock certificates and other financial interests from their strong box, but no one else had seen him or his automobile on the premises. Furthermore, though she had been diagnosed as barren, it was now clear that she is very pregnant. But now it has been almost a year since Charles Bentley was retained by a brokerage firm to process a bill of patent for “a great jump forward in the transportation industry that will surely wind up in Ripley’s”.  However, the consulting investigation team, the PCs from the Guild of the Study of the Unexplained, have also learned that the head of the firm, a Mr. Arcturus Bishop, who retained Bentley, had been seen retrieving an object from the ruins of the Whateley house in Dunwich. 

Notices for PCs: No experience required. Adventures in this system often do not have happy endings. Special note: This is an adventure for Charles Williams fans as well as H.P. Lovecraft fans. 

Game: Paranoid 2017 Edition

GM: Jerry Butler

Adventure: [Your clearance is not high enough to know the name of this adventure.]

Details: You love Friend Computer.

This adventure uses the new Paranoia edition recently released on Kickstarter.

Scheduled Watertown RPGs:

Game: Dread

GM: Cheyenne Wilder

Adventures: Portal at the Park & Cain Cabin


Portal at the Park: People are disappearing at a local park and it’s up to you to find out why!

Cain Cabin: Over the years, a local cabin has become legend. Some say it’s haunted…

Dread is an RPG that uses actual dexterity challenges to resole actions. Adventures are short and will be alternated during the day.

Game: Pathfinder Beginner Box

GM: Michael Matkins

Adventure: Blackfang’s Dungeon

Details: Your hometown of Sandpoint is a quaint settlement. A few weeks ago, livestock started to disappear from nearby farms. The Mayor is offering a reward to anyone who can solve the mystery.

This adventure will be run with the Pathfinder Beginner Box including pre-generated characters and rules.

Game: Pathfinder

GM: Tim McQueen

Adventure: Arena

Details: You awake in a room with a group of strangers. You must work together with them to solve various puzzles if you ever want to get back home again.

More games coming soon!