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June 10th Standard PPTQ Results
June 11, 2017 Play the Game
Anderson LeClair’s road to Albuquerque has begun! His Temur Aetherworks deck got him a big win at Play the Game! Here is a look at the final standings and the top 8 deck types. RankNameArch... Read More
2017 Summer Championships
May 12, 2017 Play the Game
Summer is right around the corner and that means Play the Game is holding its annual Summer Championships for Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Bushiroads! The bis change this year is Magic will be 4 championship... Read More
Results from the 12/10 Magic PPTQ
December 11, 2016 Play the Game
Congrats to Troy Taylor, winner of the December 10th PPTQ! he bested 61 other players to get the RPTQ invite. Play the Game would like to thank everyone who came out and played. This was our largest P... Read More