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Free RPG Day 2018
Jun 16 @ 11:00 am – 7:00 pm


Free RPG stuff like adventures and other items from various companies!

Entry: FREE!

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It’s time once again for Free RPG Day!

Come on in and join the RPG’s run by our volunteers. Game details TBA

Want to run a game? Fill out the Free RPG Day GM Application and email it for approval.

Scheduled Games:

Adventure Name: Project Ego

Game System: Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition

Game Master: Jerry Butler

Description: They say power can bring out the worst in people, but what if the worst in people can bring out power? This will not be your typical Superhero game!

Start Time: 11am

Adventure Name: Bulldogs!

Game System: Fate System

Game Master: Robert Dushay

Description: It’s over the top action, easy to learn and play.

Start Time: 11am

Adventure Name: Roll for Autism

Game Master: Matt Magill

Description: Roll for Autism is a family-friendly role playing game system that is perfect for children as young as nine or ten all the way through adulthood. It combines the traditional role-playing tropes that we all love: swords, spells and dragons, with focus on social skill building and engaging the players in a cooperative environment as they work toward a common goal. Roll for Autism simplifies the role-playing game mechanics to ensure that time is spent immersed in the game, not the numbers, and is specially designed to keep rookie role-players interested.

Start Time: 11am

Adventure Name: D&D 5th Edition.

Game Master: Chade Harper

Start Time: 2pm

Adventure Name: There be Wolves

Game System: Grimoire-Tales of Wizardry and Intrigue

Game Master: James Murk

Description: YOU ARE A WIZARD! By your will and word the very fabric of reality changes shape! With wands in hand cosmic powers, powers unthinkable to mere mortals, are yours to command! To be a wizard is to be a fount of LIMITLESS MAGICAL POWER!.

Start Time: 12pm

Adventure Name: D&D 5th Edition

Game Master: Joseph Rush

Adventure Name: D&D

Game Master: Mike DeMassey