Blast from the Past: Pokemon Evolutions

November 17, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Play the Game

By: Michael Correa

Pokemon’s newest Trading Card Game set is called Evolutions and it is a trip through nostalgia. The set reintroduces us to the original cards that we all know and love from the early days of Pokemon. Evolutions has been out for a few weeks now and It’s time I give you all my thoughts on the set as a whole.


Check out Pikachu’s high school yearbook photo.

Like I said before, Evolutions reintroduces us to our favorite Pokemon from the first base set such as Pikachu, Charizard, Mewtwo, and many more. The cards are all in their original art and also have reprints in the classic art style. The older Pokemon have been updated to help compete with the newer cards by boosting the HP and attack of all the classic Pokemon.


                    Charizard from Set 1 -> Evolutions Charizard

Newer mechanics such as EX Pokemon and Break Pokemon are also a part of Evolutions by giving use new Ex’s of Pidgeot, Dragonite, Slowbro, and new Breaks of Nidoking, Ninetales, and Starmie. The new cards look great with the retro design of the set too.

On the whole Pokemon Evolutions is a great set combining the old with the new for everyone to like. Tournament players might be disappointed , since the set is designed to be a throwback and not for the competitive players,  The set is a celebration of Pokemon’s 20th birthday and is great for anyone who is new to the game. Older players or players who haven;t touched the game since they were a kid will also find something for them with Evolutuons.

So go out there, collect, trade, play and get yourself a Imakuni’s Doduo.


This card is really silly. Good thing he’s not tournament legal.