2019 Summer League Championships

It’s almost time to begin our annual Summer Championships!

This year, for our Magic Championship we are doing 2 focused championships based on Standard and Modern.

We are also holding our usual championships for Yu-Gi-Oh! and Bushiroads as well.

The rules are simple. All you have to do is show up and play in any event in the championship from June 1st to August 31st. You’ll earn points for playing and doing well in events. The best part is, joining the championships is absolutely free! If you play, you are in the championship!

This year we are trying something new. Every tournament for Magic Standard and Modern, as well as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Bushiroads will have one random player win a free entry for the next tournament. For example during the Monday Night Magic tournament one random player will win free entry into the Friday Standard tournament. If you win the free entry while playing Thursday Night Yu-Gi-Oh! it will go towards Saturday Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc.

At the end of it all, the players with the highest scores will win cool prizes like booster boxes of upcoming sets or store credit!

Let’s take a look at the breakdown for each system.

Points Breakdown:

Players earn points in the following manner.

1 point for each event played in.

In events with 4 to 7 players, the top player earns an additional point.

In events of 8 to 16 players the top player earns 2 additional points and second place earns 1 additional point.

In events of 17 to 32 players, first place will earn 3 additional points, second place will earn 2 more points and third & fourth each earn 1 additional point.

In events of 33 players or more, first gets 4 additional points, second gets 3 additional points, top 4 gets 2 additional points each and top 8 gets 1 additional point each.

In events determined by record, a 4-0 finisher will get 2 additional points and a 3-0-1 or 3-1 finisher will get 1 additional point.

If players choose to split the top place, players will earn the points for second place in the event or 1 additional point, whichever is higher.

Magic: the Gathering

Playing in these events will earn you one point. Bonus points can be earned by being one of the top finishers. Those points are based on overall attendance.

Standard Format Events: Monday Night Magic, Friday Night Standard, & Saturday Standard Showdown.

Modern Format Events: Friday Night Modern.

3x modifier for special Standard and Modern events such as PPTQs.

Points will be tallied up on September 1st and the winners will be awarded prizes! Each format will have the same prize structure.

Winner: 1 booster box of a Standard set or $125 in store credit

Second: 18 booster packs of a Standard set or $75 in store credit.

Third & Fourth: 9 booster packs of a Standard set or $40 in store credit each.



RankNameTotalEvts PlayedMPOMW%GW%OGW%
1Deuel, Dale291812756.6790111157.9585611152.95273333
2Desocio, Jon281813355.2355888961.3536333350.26555556
3Desocio, Steven15106656.3425957.4682551.94468
4Bice, Christopher14115760.6035363651.7932636453.56676364
5Boyce, Warren1473562.3926714344.1666571459.18378571
6Leclair, Anderson1212061.119173.684255.653
7Walsh, Robert1164849.7916563.4722333345.37066667
8Mondore, Dave10102156.5916721.7676755.94535
9Griffith, Jeremy1083357.569462542.410712552.57825
10Terino, Joe1053461.8740656.2272857.88566
11Freeman, Zachary964655.3703833362.149351.58635
12Carfagno, Tom962865.5462833335.6060666762.59471667
13Chilbert, Colin943259.017255.53356.477275
14Gabriele, Mark911858.54966549.0815
15Young, Kevin873760.9523571446.7120142956.41184286
16Rinaldo, Ross753056.4888858.7619251.37984
17Meldrum, Noah753049.3999860.8333447.2809
18Graham, Marshall752852.9333454.080844.33758
19Joslyn, Mathew643048.51387568.21427538.8384
20Sutton, Timothy642844.89812568.79962537.167625
21Kosinski, Aaron642165.9444548.30897559.957875
22Vanfleet, Adam611660.55565557.7424
23Biggar, Justin551555.0833229.6666650.35356
24Capparelli, Nicholas542453.70832549.72222547.16015
25Bode, Steven532163.138967.1380666755.17196667
26Stemmler, Nathan442754.77082556.3690548.5101
27Lott, Craig431969.6481333356.1375666765.1918
28Engineri, Paul42748.3194541.991341.2618
29Mitchell, Stephen331543.4814666753.703742.30596667
30Thomas, Briana33749.8888666728.518548.48696667
31Kelly, Matt33362.4999666716.6666666761.06703333
32Beach, Lemark321550.5416559.0909549.6212
33Alstadt, Jacob321356.574165.714341.84525
34Cleveland, David311256.2510051.1364
35Carr, George311254.888966.666745.381
36Rivera, Terrence311247.758044.4444
37Malley, Thad311160.142853.333351.8478
38Egolf, Michael311065.158757.142960.0682
39Bink, Adam31957.841354.545555.0303
40Lee, Jim31952.11115051.0303
41Cronin, John31951.171453.846250.697
42Meade, Phillip31946.663554.545548.7576
43Howard, Joshua31945.644553.846245.8528
44Larsen, Christopher31656.083344.444450.5801
45Wilson, Mike31651.111136.363652.5758
46Law, Chris31649.71115039.4705
47Krieger, Yonathan31649.266745.454541.019
48Auld, Beth31646.545.454545.2273
49Debblay, Brandon31643.48575035.2727
50Brown, Nick31639.044441.666744.8701
51Taub, Eric31457.222230.30354.5322
52White, Travis31359.809542.857154.4444
53Brantner, Drew31358.730242.857150.4041
54Barber, Matt31349.63894039.4085
55Campbell, Devin31341.58332536.8506
56Tambroni, Ryan31060.55562053.5898
57Tongue, Andrew31046.5556047.2222
58Eaton, J31041.533.333340.404
59Orsborne, Dustin221253.041655047.74625
60Twomey, Collin22938.7777545.238132.61905
61Reyer, Alexander22351.8518537.552.08335
62Brennan, Cody21962.563.636459.596
63Barstow, Zach119477542.8788
64Snyder, Miles11941.57540.2778
65Bratrsovsky, Tomas11737.333353.333341.6667
66Albrecht, Lucas11669.333355.555653.6869
67Payano, Virgilio11664.544.444459.3056
68Nesbitt, Alan11660.333344.444456.1111
69Guy, Marcus11655.555671.428650.9921
70Stracqualursi, Anthony11654.08335043.7879
71Ennis, Perry1165454.545547.0833
72Spinner, Carl11652.666755.555651.5152
73Fooks, Brian11652.666755.555648.064
74Wood, Matthew1164755.555629.5455
75Miceli, Derek11638.666755.555624.8148
76Wilk, Josh11377.777842.857167.8572
77Kraus, Sylvia1137533.333360.9259
78Spencer, Ben113752567.761
79Wheeler, Brittany11366.555637.558.3333
80Winzens, Stephen11363.777837.562.7161
81Herman, Bob11362.53064.4697
82Greguire, Katie11360.33332545
83Thomas, Brian11358.333333.333356.6667
84Hoblet, Austin11358.33332561.7004
85Thurston, Alex11354.08334050.2841
86Finlayson-schueler, Brian11161.111126.666759.5238
87Terry, Zachery11147.916723.333353.0934
88Eichorn, Daniel S.11077.777814.285764.881
89Sacadura, Jupiter11061.1111059.5238
90Parry, Thomas11045.8333050.8586


RankNameTotalEvts PlayedMPOMW%GW%OGW%
1Sobiegraj, David241210356.3661916760.2311666750.36016667
2Webster, Aaron221310160.7099615457.596554.44402308
3Ennis, Perry18129755.14952559.9641666750.80120833
4Steding, Thomas I15128254.3916583353.28057549.44475
5Bode, Steven1194255.0129555644.9294555650.52751111
6Wheelock, Jen1086157.587487559.255062551.9807875
7Brown, Trevor1085860.493737556.69102551.576925
8Herbs, Nicholas984952.672947.913337549.945775
9Fischer, Andrew911643.583373.333342.3718
10O'Loughlin, David883955.247212542.2772550.381625
11Rinaldo, Ross863959.3796166747.8235833355.4048
12Stemmler, Nathan853954.2333259.5555648.32134
13Sutton, Timothy763958.0601833352.9214666750.84583333
14White, Tariq763951.1222166747.2222333349.53348333
15Irwin, David762150.2805527.6851833352.00343333
16Miller, Eric662553.1296333336.980948.80901667
17Yankay, Andrew611241.566.666743.3333
18Rust, Max552254.1566839.090950.0994
19Stiles, Collin542755.458355.97222551.037625
20Kilpatrick, Ryan542556.923649.900851.97485
21Hatter, Joe531860.0333333341.5954666755.51953333
22Jofre, Adrian521565.2083558.3333561.73075
23Mccomb, Sean521560.65286052.1581
24Brown, Dereck443047.5552.09792546.1008
25Gernhardt, Nick441546.19862535.4700547.430975
26Savastano, Nick44664.38192527.42062557.82405
27Segarra, Andre431846.755533335042.7802
28Devendorf, Ryan431556.2222333338.888956.11113333
29Egolf, Michael33667.514.814862.4456
30Rawlings, Bryan321658.2916551.893953.77845
31Bowler, Michael321363.541.6666559.6212
32Trost, Rodion31771.296346.153859.0598
33Malley, Thad31372.96333.333363.3333
34Rust, Aiden221551.947.2727544.04125
35Reyer, Alexander221551.17551.893946.6894
36Deshaies, Jacob221261.013948.106153.44555
37Dunn, Ryan221259.666654057.8889
38Woodin, Joseph221255.17547.7272549.11245
39Heath, Joe22940.7916538.8888540.9722
40Knapp, Jackson22656.1666527.7777552.197
41Mayer, Will211070.833358.333360.4924
42Yambo, Cyle211064.583358.333360.9344
43Russell, Griffin211049.83337039.8358
44Prickel, Josh219745062.7546
45Juliano, Christopher21961.111166.666755.1515
46Caporino, Rob21960.333363.636451.8813
47Laduca, Nick21958.333354.545557.0455
48Juliano, Timothy21954.08337555.8334
49Warren, Joshua21947.7563.636443.1061
50Langit, Mike21941.583363.636442.7083
51Boyce, Warren11957.333358.333353.8462
52Cesari, Paolo11952.083363.636450.1894
53Patton, Michael11949.266757.142946.4835
54Bille, Grant11945.261.538534.6593
55Chilbert, Colin11938.666766.666741.4141
56Vanfleet, Adam11760.333363.333356.7593
57Hoblet, Austin11666.666744.444466.6667
58Jackson, Daniel11660.333355.555654.8611
59Johnson, Matthew11660.333354.545555.1515
60Vrabel, Chris11660.333354.545551.7803
61Ros, Ra11656.08335053.447
62Rainone, Michael11656.08335043.8889
63Morrison, Jacob11654.08335050.947
64Kobland, Nathan11653.333355.555652.2222
65Vallie, Josiah116526050.0253
66Anderson, Andrew11649.916655.555645.5555
67Potter, Jeffrey11645.24036.7879
68Conorino, Daniel11641.55039.457
69Luu, Kevin11641.544.444441.1111
70Hinkley, Chris11637.255034.8148
71Thornton, Jesse11456.166741.666752.2727
72Antanavich-rogers, Tyler11441.541.666734.5118
73Thomas, Brian11363.777837.557.9293
74Baker, Dylan1136137.551.1966
75Nab, Jackson11358.333333.333353.67
76Veldman, Ryan11354.083322.222250.3704
77Harris, Lee Ann113544044.0278
78Scheu, Dustin113523054.798
79Flynn, Joshua113523048.1061
80Callery, Chris113504048.4848
81Balloun, Connor1135033.333350.8838
82Fredette, Gerard11141.583325.925942.3611
83Campbell, Neil11083.333333.333370
84Broers, Mark11083.333333.333358.3333
85Young, Kevin110752070
86Mckay, Douglas11062.533.333354.0404
87Keller, Michael110602057.3427
88Deragon, Charlie11046.69.090946.9114


Just like Magic, points are earned by playing and being a top finisher.

Advanced Format Events: Thursday Night Yu-Gi-Oh!, Saturday Yu-Gi-Oh!

Players will also have a modifier event during the summer. This event is TBA. Once we know, we’ll add it.

Points will be tallied up on September 1st and the winners will be awarded prizes!

Winner: 1 Box of the next 3 sets or $200 in credit

Second: 2  In stock booster boxes or $100 in credit

Third & Fourth: 1 In stock Booster box or $50 in credit each.

Fifth – Eighth:12 In stock  booster packs or $25 in credit.


RankNameTotalEvts PlayedMPTiebreaker
1Szkolnik, Jonathan Michael 34171338864828.063
2Hayden, Berry 32251195461609.25
3Galipeau, Justin 32241547521789
4Martin, Cecil J 2513706430294.833
5Chai, Ben 2415967477216.385
6Miller, Paul Matthew 23119710232762.3
7Walters, Joey Ryan 2113615256259.364
8Stanimer, Joseph 2111828779467.9
9Warren, Dalton 2099010522476.33
10Semle, Scott Andrew 1977511319145.57
11Sheridan, Thomas A. 1510485863320.667
12Fitzpatrick, Ian 159425842546
13Wisowaty, Kyle 138548302856
14McCracken, Sean 1210637216878.667
15Ruscitto, Joe M. 129667921974.333
16Le, Vi Peter 117578700423.714
17Richards, Devan 117132680848.333
18Pettit, Bryan 106347335158.4
19Valerino, Zachery 99364518285.556
20Goldberg, Jonathan James 965910341720.67
21Meury, Christian 84165919825.333
22Scholz, Michael 84124539216.333
23Last Jr., Norman Albert 8363555489
24Snyder, Andrew 8332027916.5
25Andrews, Jake 73126457038.5
26Shaw, Jay 622412541593
27Wlad, Joshua 6266636547
28Witt, Kameron 6266500591
29Peck, Tyler Charles 620500595
30LaVeck, Bruce 55153535080
31Burrows, Tyler Joseph 54277241263.75
32Daniels, Lynn 44277307024.5
33LaVeck, Alex 4492770745.75
34Warren, Griffin 33217687208.667
35Tetreault, Seth 33155651880
36Thomas, Mike R. 33155509539.333
37Chapman-Mack, Matthew D. 33124593514
38Cooper, Kevin 33124433514.667
39Nguyen, Trieu H. 32168396036.5
40Tantillo, Ciro David 311212511616
41Sturick, Jonathan Maxwell 22126635556
42Krause, Dan 2284394505.5
43Kaiser, Brian 2263708501.5
44Beach, James 2263542006.5
45Hunt, Kevin 220733521
46O'Hora, Jamie 220450549
47Ryan, Mitch 2133666370
48Perrotta, Connor 1199533611
49Bedosky, TJ 1199500666
50McGriff, Justin 1166595576
51Carden, Christopher 1166545578
52Vrabel, Daniel Michael 1166444615
53Furbeck, Benjamin Ray 1166395482
54Distin, Thomas 1144527432
55Huth, Chanse 1144484487
56Sheikh, Valeid 1144361446
57Wilson, Ron 1133750586
58Nairn, Austin 1133625486
59Martin, Louis 1133571416
60Civello, Tyler 1133562566
61Lewis, Joseph 1133533500
62Rowland, Joshua 1133500446
63Sheika, Haroon 1133500416
64Chawala, Daanish 1133472500
65Perrotta, Joseph 1133416541
66Belknap, Graham 1133393585
67Glassman, Jeremy 110750500
68Sokolowski, David 110666562
69Galoni, Dylan 110583450
70Barney, Paul 110444496
71Vanscoyk, Chris 110400545
72Bedworth-Byrne, Peter -6266583555
73Correa, Michael R. -620375547


The following events will count for the Bushiroads Summer Championship:

Cardfight Vanguard: Tuesday Night Vanguard

Future Card Buddyfight: Sunday Buddyfight, Monday Buddyfight

Other Bushiroads games may be added to championship depending on demand.

Points will be tallied up on September 1st and the winners will be awarded prizes!

Winner: 1 full Bushiroads booster box of player’s choice or $100 credit

Second: 15 Bushiroads booster packs of player’s choice or $50 credit

Third & Fourth: 8 Bushiroads booster packs of player’s choice or $25 credit


RankNameTotalEvts PlayedMPOMW%GW%OGW%
1Suslovic, AJ332714357.3388370458.0599740756.59931111
2Cook, Billy23169953.2696687560.0322553.63715625
3Gillespie, Rob17118157.302272.0562909158.87626364
4Brundige, Damon14145262.1528071442.9931928663.96118571
5Kobland, Nathan14136958.9743692356.4468923156.64989231
6Conte, Steve14126758.1597333359.9867833357.62731667
7Carpenter, Ryan14125757.6389083352.0734166756.75265833
8O'Brien, Joshua1295555.2469333364.0035555652.64844444
9Horst, Ryan973960.615151.7006714358.64134286
10Hanick-Herman, Issy882455.989587537.291662558.4201375
11Harding, Ryan542460.590366.4682556.41865
12Spicer, Matt531956.9444666761.111159.44446667
13Ratliff, Jacob432454.398133337554.95366667
14Marolf, Ryan421859.72228062.22225
15Spicer, Richelle332162.731466676066.2963
16Jackson, Jonathan33956.9444666730.5555333361.11113333
17Crapo, Chaileb33640.277766672540.9722
18Marolf, Tyler321662.570.8333567.5
19Reynolds, Devon221262.56065
20Conte, Steven11666.666766.666772.2222
21Himes, Tim11666.666766.666769.4444
22Willard, Katie116507550
23Porter, Corey11344.444437.546.0317
24Dexter, Willian11044.444414.285751.5873
25Correa, Michael-11655.555662.556.5476
26Bedworth-Byrne, Peter-23199055.7748736849.2836263257.76386842

And that is all there is to it! Play games, earn points, win prizes! See you this summer!

Dragon Ball Super:

The following events will count for the Dragon Ball Super Summer Championship:.

Dragon Ball Super: Thursday & Satruday

3x modifier for special events such as ARG events and Pre-releases

Points will be tallied up on September 1st and the winners will be awarded prizes!

Winner: 1 full Dragon Ball Super booster box of player’s choice or $100 credit

Second: 15 Dragon Ball Super booster packs of player’s choice or $50 credit

Third & Fourth: 8 Dragon Ball Super booster packs of player’s choice or $25 credit